Avril Lavigne - Bite Me (Official Video)


那个深邃的大眼睛顶着标志性的烟熏妆,穿着帆布鞋、阔腿裤、T恤衫还有永不离身的滑板,唱着青春期骨子里最叛逆的歌”的“坏女孩”艾薇儿回来啦!她携全新单曲《Bite Me》强势归来!再次用不羁的歌声和她的朋克精神带领歌迷们细细品味回归后的音乐魅力。

You shoulda known better better to with someone like me

Forever and ever youre gonna wish I was your wifey

Dont act so innocent

This was no accident

You planned this in the end

And now its over

Say what you want to say

You lied and I got played

You threw it all away

And now its over