David Beckham: Today Remind Yourself About Our Duty to Children Everywhere



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Good morning everyone and thank you for being here today.

My name is David Beckham, and this is not my usual day at the office so please bear with me.

For almost fifteen years I have worked with UNICEF as a global goodwill ambassador supporting their work for children around the world.

Today is World Children's Day, a day when we should all remind ourselves of our duty to children everywhere, our duty to protect them, their hopes, their aspirationsand of course, their dreams.

I know from my work with UNICEF just how lucky I was as a child.

I grew up in the East End of London.

I always dreamed of being a professional footballer. It was all I ever wanted.

And unlike many children around the world, I was incredibly lucky.

I had a home, an education and a family to help me achieve my dreams.

I worked hard, but I was always supported every step of the way, first by my amazing family, then by my teachers and then by my coaches.