Ed's Heinz Ad


Ed Sheeran是亨氏番茄酱的头号粉丝,时不时就在社交软件晒自己拥有的亨氏单品,曾公开在社交软件发文声称“It's all about the Heinz.”表达自己对于亨氏番茄酱的喜爱。这是亨氏番茄酱自1876年推出以来签约的首位代言人。

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I've got an idea for a Heinz Ketchup Commercial.

I was at this super posh restaurant.

Super posh.

The type of place that has chandeliers, and paintings on the wall, and way too many forks.

I think classical music was playing maybe it was jazz no, definitely classical.

The hostess walks up to me, she says "Mr. Sheeran, is this your first time dining with us?" and I say "yep".

The waiter comes over, he's telling me about the specials: "Super fancy, fancy vegetables, fancy sauces."

I said, "Sounds fancy".

So, fast forward and the food comes.

The waiter goes on to tell me "We are proud to present this farm to table blah blah blah, posh and fancy blah blah blah, with a side of blah blah blah."