Exploring the Avebury Landscape | Walking Through Prehistory



The Avebury World Heritage Site is a unique complex of prehistoric monuments.

Today we're going to be visiting some of the lesser-known prehistoric monuments in the Avebury landscape.

Most of these monuments are accessible and you can walk between them, and that gives you a really good sense of the whole landscape and how these monuments are connected together and the different fascinating stories that each monument has to tell.

Silbury Hill is the largest prehistoric monument in the whole of Europe, and it's a pretty dominant place here in the Avebury landscape.

You can't really miss it when you drive past on the A4.

Many people have thought, what on Earth is inside this enormous mound?

Is it a burial mound?

Is there somebody rich inside buried with grave goods?

And in the past, people have been tunnelling into the mound to find out what was inside.

And although they found out a lot about the different phases of the mound and how it had been constructed, there is no central burial: it's not a burial mound; it's a mound built for other purposes.