Caught in Providence: Bad Boy


要说的这位网红法官爷爷,很多人之前可能也看过他的一些案件审理视频。这位老爷爷叫Frank Caprio,八十岁高领的他因为一档法庭直播节目成为了一个网红法官。



Jose Jimenez.

Good morning so you have two parking tickets.

One on Wallace Street and one on Harold Street.


Harold yeah.

That was back 5 years ago.

Oh how do you know that?

Oh yeah.

It was one o'clock in the morning.

How do you know about but I'm not here for that ticket?

But you are now.

But how can they didn't sent me a letter to know?

You never got it.

Never got.

You better check with the mailman.

Maybe we have a problem with them.

Yeah see oh really.

Yes I saw that problem.


All right, what do you want to tell me about the one on Wallace Street?

That's a five o'clock at the 4:30 in the morning.

Okay I have a landscape intro business and I have two trucks.

One inside and then when I'm back to work I'm so tired.

I do load settle index work and the guys has a party my tenants.

I park in the street.

I went inside and I eat dinner.

Then I went to rest and I forgot the truck on the street.

I get a ticket I paid the ticket $20.

They get it late now they charge me more.

I'm here to know if I can pay only the 20 that I send already.

I have a notation the ticket was paid.

It's okay.

There's a penalty. I'm waiving the penalty.


You're free to go.

Oh but I want to tell you something about my life.

Well let me get comfortable.

Okay yes I want to tell you thank you, because like 20 years ago, I was a bad boy like I'd be here every month to get a speeding limit ticket a drunken driver and I spent $53,000 to be to be citizen.

I have 16 years citizen of United States.

You told me by that time.

I'm 18 18 years old and you said, "What you wanna be later? You wanna be in jail? Do you wanna be dying, or you wanna be somebody?"

And I say I wanna be somebody.

and I took. . .

No I want to hear it.

I do my iCDT.

I'm a truck driver.

Thank you.

I will tell you something.

You were down.

And it's not a crime to get knocked down anyway but the sin not to get up.

And so you suffered being down and out.

And you were having problems. I don't remember.

But now that you brought it to my attention.

Right it's something I try to do with people.

You know sometimes people say I'm to lenient.

I'm not trying to be linient. I'm trying to help people.

Trying to bring out something in them.

I probably recognize something in you that spot I name Jose Jimenez you told me I you the comedian guy?

Congratulations on turning your life around.

Come up I want to shake your hand.