No Regrets: How to Choose a College Major



Good morning everyone, my name is Matt Smith.

And today, I want to create a video to help you choose a major in college.

So whether you are high school kids about to go off to college, or maybe you're in college already, you're not quite sure if you like your major.

There's a lot of bad advice about choosing a major.

And today, on a personal model that I've created but I think can help you choose your major and you'd be very happy with the direction it takes you.

So let's get started.

So the way it works is an exercise with a Venn diagram and because you're in college or you're about to go to college, you know what a Venn diagram is-

It's an awesome way to organize thoughts.

So today, we're gonna organize all kinds of things by way the Venn diagram right here on the screen.

The first thing I want to do is starting right here-what are you good at.