Top 10 Miyazaki Films


Top 10 Miyazaki Films

Hayao Miyazaki the name is synonymous with beautiful fantastic worlds, imaginative design, organically written characters as well as stunning visuals, and some of the most impressive animation of all time.

His work is universally praised and respected by all manner of film and anime fans around the world.

The sheer creative energy flowing from every frame of a Miyazaki film is immediately noticeable by the youngest child to the oldest adult.

Its very easy to be drawn into the magical worlds and epic plotlines that make up Miyazaki's universe.

I think most people who are familiar with the source material would agree that there is a certain unique charm shared by each of his works that while radically different in setting, theme and character

all maintain a consistent undeniable almost spiritual feel.

A master storyteller, knowing exactly what strings to pull and when, his films never fail to elicit an emotional response from the audience, and as a result his work has permeated international culture so much that even if you aren't aware of his name, you've likely been exposed to his movies at somepoint.

So today we'll be looking at Miyazaki's films as I tribute this visionary director and talk about about my favorites.

Keep in mind this list is based purely on my opinion and we are looking at feature length films written and directed by the man himselfso short films and other studio ghibli productions won't making this list.