Jackson Yee Represents China at UN Youth Forum


易烊千玺作为世界卫生组织的中国健康特使,在联合国经社理事会青年论坛为青年发声,号召青年选择健康的生活方式, 呼吁大家关注因各种原因而无法融入社会的孩子们。

Hello, everyone. My name is Yi Yangqianxi, and I am from China.

It's my pleasure to be here.

During the forum, I see some people are building better environments, some are researching medical miracles.

I am very impressed.

I think we are very lucky to be here. . . to be invited here to speak, and we speak not only for ourselves, but also for children and teenagers who have difficulty participating fully in their society because of illnesses or lack of resources.

I have been working with the World Health Organization in China since 2017 on promoting healthy lifestyles among young people.

To build a healthier society, we need to start with our own personal action - make healthy choices so that we will have the future we dream of.

At the same time, we can make an effort to reach out to those who need support, including children and teenagers.

They are the building blocks of our future, both for urban and rural areas.

I've been working through my fund since 2017 to support children who have been left behind.

According to official data, there are almost 7 million left-behind children in rural China.

Many of them are facing physical and mental health problems, along with other kinds of problems in their daily lives.

Our project "The Child Companion Plan", is trying hard to address these issues through the theme - 'one child, one family, one link'.

Our goal is giving all these children a better and a healthier future.

None of us can do all this alone.

We must work together to make a difference and and to achieve healthier, sustainable future.

We have a phrase in Chinese, "Yi qi lai ba"!

It means, C'mon, together! Let's go!

[00:02:16.419]意思是 Come on, together! Let's go!

So, I would like to ask all of you, take action today, make it happen.

Let's go! Yi qi lai ba!

Thank you!