I Am Greta


瑞典环保少女格蕾塔·桑伯格纪录片《格蕾塔》。该片由Nathan Grossman执导,Cecilia Nessen、Fredrik Heinig担任制作,影片聚焦格蕾塔·桑伯格——这位被《时代周刊》评选为2019年度人物的15岁女孩。

People always tell us that young people are going to save the world.

But there's simply not enough time to wait.

The fallout from climate change.

All of this with the global warming, it's a hoax.

It is the most pressing issue of our time.

You have to go to school.

When it came to the climate crisis, we were just like everyone else.

We weren't doing enough.

I don't care about being popular.

I care about climate justice.