Introducing iPhone 13 Pro | Apple


9月15日凌晨,苹果举行了秋季新品发布会,正式发布了iPhone 13系列、全新iPad mini、新iPad以及Apple Watch 7。其中最后瞩目的无疑是iPhone 13系列了,苹果将 iPhone 13 Pro 的官方产品简介视频拍成了一个小故事,故事就是一个摄影团队使用 iPhone 去拍摄一支短片。在视频中,电影团队在拍摄一支类似于《星际穿越》的外星球探险活动,大家一起来看视频吧!

A faster chip, a high-performance display, and the biggest upgrade ever to the camera.

Introducing iPhone 13 Pro.

It's ready for action!

New Wide and Ultra Wide cameras let you capture incredible scenes in even lower light.

The new Telephoto camera has three times optical zoom for even closer close-ups.

Discover a new world in macro with the Ultra Wide camera.

And upload and download faster on the go with 5G.

The superior durability of Ceramic Shield means iPhone 13 Pro is ready for any shoot, almost anywhere.

iPhone 13 Pro offers filmmaking capabilities not possible in even the most expensive movie cameras.

Now you can capture, edit, and deliver in ProRes, the same format used in the movie industry.