The Chinese Lunar New Year's Feast - Something to Drool Over



视频中的小姐姐虽然人在国外,这饭吃的也是相当不含糊呀,隔着屏幕,听着声音,真让人drool over 流口水呀!

Oh my god, that's dumplings.

I love dumplings and I enjoy making them too.

Well I've never made a proper one, but it's just so fun.

Rolling out dumpling wrappers is a key step because if they're too thick, they taste bad.

Otherwise, the dumplings will just break in the pot.

While dumplings, you can pretty much use any of your favorite foods as stuffing.

So it can easily be veggie and vegan.

Oh, isn't that tofu?

By the look I guess it's fine tofu.

I've noticed that Chinese people really love tofu a lot.

And tofu dishes are just a divine in general.

It's stewing tofu like there seems to be a brilliant idea.

I might have a try if only I knew how to cook.

Oh just look at that bubbling. Just makes my stomach rumble again.

This seems like a combo of seafood.

And it looks pretty pricey but very high in protein.

Just look at this, they're so wobbly, squishy and jelly like.

That's something new. I love to taste it.

So what are we having here?

Ah, fish, fish, fish. The silver color makes it look so shiny, like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck.

I think the best part of cooking is listening to this sizzling.

So satisfying and mesmerizing.

How about some serious work, tossing skills right there?

And now they'll all turn golden and crispy, yummy!

Oh, I recognize that it's pork belly. Seems like it's enjoying a sauna session.

Oh, isn't this the most beautiful sound in the world?

Look at that fat and skin covered in a thick and sticky brown sauce.

I can literally smell it. That looks just amazing. No joke, I'm drooling over.