Top 3 Ways To Prevent Cancer




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My name is Dr. Jeff Barke.

You know a funny thing the other day a group of us in the office were playing the lottery and it got me thinking about a patient that came in and asked a question.

This was a 48 year old overweight male and he wanted to know was there a supplement, a pill, some sort of intervention that he could do to prevent himself from getting cancer.

It made me think about the genetic lottery if you will.

My belief is the following.

Some of us are genetically blessed.

Smoking. Drinking. Lack of exercise.

We're gonna live to be a hundred or so.

Some of us are genetically cursed.

That is despite our best effort in taking care of ourselves, bad things are going to happen sometimes at a young age.

For most of us however we're somewhere in the middle.

That is how we take care of ourselves is gonna determine that genetic expression of disease.

So for the majority of us, here are three key important elements in preventing disease and ultimately preventing cancer.

Number one and most important, eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

Growing evidence supports inflammation as the foundation upon which disease occurs in our body.

Our nutrition is directly related to inflammation.

Avoid the following to prevent inflammation.

Process foods.

Animal fat.

Cheap vegetable oil.

Simple/refined carbs such as bread, pasta, rice, sugary foods.

and of course alcohol

Instead eating a Mediterranean or Zone diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, lean protein and healthy fat.

Add fish oil to your nutrition to further help reduce inflammation.

Number two.

Exercise almost every day.

Exercise helps both mental and physical health.

It does not have to be complicated.

Even a 20-minute daily walk can make a big difference.

So you have no excuse when it comes to exercise.

Number three.

Get plenty of sleep.

For an adult at least six hours a night is needed to help our bodies rejuvenate.

Poor sleep is associated with high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and other illnesses as well.

My advice is not rocket science.

Yet, most of us avoid these simple principles.

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