Justin Timberlake _ Berklee Commencement Address 2019


贾斯汀·汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)近日出席伯克利音乐学院毕业典礼,被授予音乐博士学位。他自嘲当了38年"怪胎",如今终于找到"亲人"!贾老板以温暖有力的话寄语毕业生:前进道路总是孤独,或许感觉跟世界格格不入,或许经历跌宕起伏,但每一步都朝着梦想未来迈进。

You are messed up giving me this award, but I had a big head before.

I wrote some things down I wanted to say.

This is surreal.

That was a crazy list of awards, but they really seriously pale in comparison to this honor today.

Berkeley, thank you so much.

You are messed up, can't tell me nothing now.

I'm a doctor. No, okay, sorry.

I was saying earlier I don't do surgeries, but probably work out some prescriptions.

So. . . holler at me.

You think I'm playing?