Jackson Wang Talks Solo Music, Got7 & His friendship with RM



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So first I'll tell you a little bit about myself, like story, my story.

I'm born and raised in China, Hong Kong, China, and from this sport family my dad used to be a former Olympian fencer, my mom's a gymnast, yes.

And my brother is actually a rugby player in Australia and so growing up in this family, I started fencing when I was 10 and then 2011 I was preparing myself for London Olympic Games.

And then I was. . . I had a scholarship offer from Stanford and that was going well and then but I Istill had this music dream as a kid that I want to perform.

You know I want to do my music that's I started in Garage Band if you know.

You know GarageBand?

The video game?

No, the GarageBand. . . the. . .

The. . . Oh my God. . . the MAC software, right?

Yeah, like. . . and then I just I just told myself why not just give it a shot.