05 如何发‘P’和‘B’的音 How to pronounce P vs B


Hey there! It's a Hadar and this is the Accents way. And today we're gonna talk about how to pronounce the 'b' sound and 'p' sound.

And how to not confuse them. Now let's begin at the beginning.

These two consonants are a consonant pair where they're both pronounced the same except for one thing that distinguishes the pronunciation. Now that one thing is the voice.

The 'P' sound is produced with the lips closing, the air pressure builds up and then you release the air with a puff. Here it's just the air that comes out for your mouth.

For the 'B' sound, everything happens exactly the same way. Only this time, the vocal cords are vibrating.

Take a look at my lips. Same thing, right?

"pay", "bay". The 'P' sound is usually aspirated in American English when it appears at the beginning of the word or at the beginning of a stressed syllable as in the word "pay".

So it feels like you have a little 'H' right after. It's like you're whispering before you are pronouncing the vowel that comes after the 'P'.

Okay? So that's the 'P' sound. For the 'B', you want to activate your vocal cords.

Now to understand how to activate your vocal cords intentionally, let's try it with a different consonant pair. So let's start with an 'F' sound where the bottom lip touches the top teeth.