How 'Parasite' Delivered One Of The Best Twists In Cinema



Bong Joon-ho's Parasite is a virtually perfect film on every level.

On the surface, its technical execution is so precise and immaculate, that it's hard to notice the film's greatest achievement hiding underneath: the screenplay.

For Bong, who has written every single film in his career, Parasite is essentially a culmination of everything he's learned over the years.

But in its more than two hours of runtime, there is a single moment that truly exemplifies his genius, a sequence that transforms Parasite into cinematic perfection.

Like all great stories, Parasite has a beginning, a middle, and an end, yet it never quite follows the usual three-act structure we're familiar with.

Instead, the film plays a lot like two separate movies that are joined into one.

The first film deals with the two families: the impoverished Kims, who plan to infiltrate the wealthy Parks by each posing as a tutor, a driver, and a housekeeper.

But it creates an odd moment in the story about 50 minutes in, after the Kims have removed all of the existing employees to essentially take over the house.

Suddenly, there's no conflict left to carry the film, and the story comes to a literal stop.

But it's the sequence that bridges the end of the first film to the unexpected second where Bong stages his attack.