Lily-Rose Depp On "The King" and Her French Revolution Birthday Party


从胆怯小女孩到自信、浪漫的独立女性,德普女儿莉莉-罗丝(Lily-Rose Depp)的成长史既充满神秘色彩,又带着满满的正能量。她在成长过程中有着怎样的心得体会?又邂逅了什么样的爱情故事?一起来看~

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My name is Lily-Rose Depp.

I am half French half American, but I was born in Paris.

I honestly never really thought about acting when I was a kid, I was always a very performative kid and loved, like, playing dress-up and being dramatic, yes.

But I always thought I wanted to be a singer actually, just because my mom's a singer and so I thought I wanted to do that too, until I sang this French song in a school town show and I was like 10 years old.

And it was probably the worst moment of my life.

I remember just thinking, just being up there and thinking, god I hate this so much, I'm having the worst time and so that's the moment that I realized that I didn't want to be a singer.

My parents always have been really protective.

They've just always kind of shielded my brother and I from like, all things, kind of spotlight and things like that, so we could grow up as normally as we could.

And so I really appreciate that, but yeah I mean it wasn't that hard to tell them honestly, because it's like, they couldn't really tell me no, but they did the same thing.

In The King, I play Princess Catherine, Catherine de Valois, a French princess who ends up marrying Henry V.