Best of CES 2022


国际消费类电子产品展览会(International Consumer Electronics Show,简称CES),由美国电子消费品制造商协会(简称CTA)主办,旨在促进尖端电子技术和现代生活的紧密结合。2021年1月11日,2021年拉斯维加斯消费电子展在线上开幕。这是CES创办50多年来首次以网络虚拟形式举办。今年的CES举行时间虽然不长,从显示器到智能家居,该有的“硬货”依旧不少一样都不少。

Hi, everybody.

Good to see you again.

Be seen by you again.

I'm back, and I'm here to talk about CES 2022, the biggest gadgets and trends and concepts that we saw at the show this year.

If you know anything about CES, do you know that it is a TV show and the TVs at CES are concepts and there's also some real stuff.

So let's talk about the concepts first.

The first concept to be aware of is HDMI 2.1a, a new version of the spec, because it wasn't confusing enough before, whatever.

To me, the most exciting concept was Sony announced quantum dot OLED TVs.

I'm sure they'll ship one, but the idea here is that OLED is a little bit dimmer than it needs to be because it has to shine the light through a filter.

But quantum dots can make color without a filter, and so they could be much, much brighter.