A Coke is a Coke


美国人有没有这么一个不分种族、不分信仰,全家团聚的日子呢?有,那就是超级碗 Super Bowl,也被称为“美国春晚”。除了体育盛事和大牌云集的中场秀之外,天价系列广告也是一大看点。

今年可口可乐新推的广告片 A Coke is a Coke 延续了该公司 2017 年开始的 Together is Beautiful 为主题的 campaign,再次强调“包容与多样化”的价值观,一起来看看吧~

A coke is a coke.

Is a coke.

It's the same for everyone.

You can get one if you want it no matter where you're from.

He drinks coke and she drinks coke even though they disagree.

And while the bottles look alike, you aren't the same as me.

Stars drink it.

Chefs drink it.

Farmers want one when it's hot.

There's a coke here if you're thirsty.

But that's cool if you're not.

We all have different hearts and hands.

Heads holding various views.

Don't you see?

Difference is beautiful.

And together is beautiful too.