Rich Kids Go Skint - Alex



20-year-old rich Kidd Alex from Nunthrope is not someone who's used to hearing the word no.

I pray pretty privilieged life, I've had pretty much anything I've really asked for.

But now a cash-strapped family from Bolton are about to show him what it's like to have to get by with next to no money.

Hi, nice to meet you, Alex.

How are you doing, are you OK? Not bad. Hi, I'm Jen.

Nice to meet you. Are you OK?

Yeah, are you?

Very well, thank you, not bad.

This is Jaxon.

Hi, little man.

He's two. Are you OK?

who's that?

Bless him!

So this is the kitchen.


It isn't decorated anything cause we've just not had any money to do it.

So, do you cook and clean in your house?

I do cleaning, but this is one of the things I was worried about doing cause I can't actually cook.

If you could show me how to do it. Teach you how to cook?


I'll do that for you, don't worry, I do the cooking.

I want to be able to make my mum and dad something.

Come on.

So, this is our bedroom.


Unfortunately, we don't have a bed we did have one but it was that old it just collapsed.

Oh, really?

So we've not been able to afford to buy another one.

And we're not really able to decorate.

And as you can see, it's half painted, we bought a tin of paint, it ran out and couldn't afford another one.

What's your bedroom sort of like then?

It's like the top floor, it's got like a nice en suite in it, so. . . it's a little bit different to this, but, emmm. . . yeah.

When I saw that Jen hadn't been able to finish the wall, cause she ran out of the paint, it just made me feel. . . a little bit, like, sad for them, really.

They haven't got much of a decor but they're trying to do the best with what they have at the moment.

This is Jaxon's bedroom, obviously, it's not decorated again.

The walls are just blue, it's just the same.

We're going to save the money and then get it all done.

Nice, lovely.

Alex may be accustomed to his luxury penthouse and en suite.

But he's fast learning that things are a bit more basic when you're living skint.

You're going to be sleeping on the couch tonight.

That's fine.

Quilt and your pillow are on the top of the couch.

Cheers, thank you.

At least, I'm not sleeping on the floor, so it could have been worse than what it is, I mean the sofa'sthe sofa, I'm sure I can sleep on it, I've done that before anyway.

So, emm, yeah.

So, what are Ant and Jen's first impressions of their high class house guest?

Definitely not what I expected, I expected him to be very judgmental of us and looking down on us, but he's very understanding of our situation.