Avril Lavigne - We Are Warriors


加拿大歌手艾薇儿为支持抗疫发行单曲《We Are Warriors》。为鼓励所有身处苦难的人们,为感谢全世界的抗疫英雄,单曲所获的收益将悉数捐给世界健康基金会。每个人都是为生活而战的勇士,无论身在何方,希望你也能从这首歌曲中获得前行的力量💪

We'll pick our battles 'cause we know we're gonna win the war (Win the war)

We'renotrattled 'cause weshattered all of this before (Thisbefore)

Steadier than steel 'cause we're ready with a shield andsword (Shieldand sword)

Back onthe saddle 'causewe've gathered all our strength for more (Strength for more)

And we won't bow, we won't break

No, we're not afraid to do whatever it takes

We'll never bow, we'll never break

'Cause we are warriors, we'll fight for our lives

Like soldiers all through the night

And we won't give up, we will survive, we are warriors