Lady Gaga Reveals Celebrity Crush in Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’


Lady Gaga主演的音乐爱情片《一个明星的诞生》即将在十月份于北美上映,为此艾伦秀邀请到了Lady Gaga,并在节目上以快问快答的游戏环节问出了关于她的一些“热点问题”。



We are back with Lady Gaga from A Star Is Born.

And I've got to say, I'm just--I'm so grateful to be here.

Being in this film has been one of the most fulfilling artistic experiences of my life.

And I'm so very grateful.

And thanks for having me again.

Anytime. Anytime.

I am happy to have you anytime.

Yeah, this is a lot.

But this is-- I would say it's the biggest thing you've ever done.

And you deserve everything that you're going to- -that's going to come from this.

All right

I went out on a limb on-- and I don't know what's happening yet with the Oscars.

But I just told her during the commercial, she's going to win an Oscar for this film.

You know, the reward for me is all in the work.

And the reward for me is all in just it being something that moves you.

That's what's most important to me.

Um, bullshit Um--

I'm kidding.

All right.

No fear.

No fear on this one.

All right, let's play a game.

We are--

I thought we were playing a game the whole time.

Uh, yeah.

Life is a game.

You know that.

It's called Burning Questions.

So I will ask a question, and you will say the answer, and then hit that.


What is your favorite body part?


All right.

And you can say it and then hit that.

It doesn't really matter that much.

I'll say mine are my arms.

Dogs or cats?



And dogs.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Adrian Brody.

My first celebrity crush was Michael Jackson.

Favorite thing to do in Vegas when not performing.

Listening to Tony Bennett.

Playing with my dogs and cats.

What are your three things that you must do every day?

I have to work out.

I have to meditate.

And I have to sing.

I have to work out.

I have to meditate.

And I have to have my wine.

Me too

What do you sleep in at night?


Me too.

If you could only watch one reality show for the rest of your life, which would it be?

90 Day Fiance.

Oh, I don't know that one.

I can't even think of one right now.

That makes me feel even worse.

What's the sexiest food?



Who'd you share your first kiss with?

I think his name was Austin. I was at camp.

How old were you?


Wow, late.


Isn't that late,14?

I don't-- but-- but--

I don't know.


Yeah, I--

Favorite curse word?

Me too.

Can you impersonate a New York cab driveryelling at another driver?

(NEW YORK ACCENT) Yeah, what the fuck is the matter with you?

Can you? Come on. Come on.

Yeah, yeah, like she said What the fuck is the matter with you?

A Star is Born opens in theaters across the country on October 15th.

You will love it. Go see it.

We'll be right back.

Lady Gaga.