How Sue Bird’s Lasagna Went “Bizarro” | Athlete's Cookbook | Nike


- Mmm. I feel like I could dribble, shoot and pass!

I'm James Davis, and I'm an actor, comedian, and writer.

Never thought much about eating healthy until my body let me know, "Hey, sucka, "it's time to start thinking about eating healthy!"

Now I'm on a mission to learn how the best athletes in the world fuel their training with healthy, simple food.

Because it turns out, every job is like a sport.

And every meal counts!

The Sue Bird, one of the greatest point guards in the history of basketball.

Two-time NCAA Champion, three-time WNBA Champion, four-time Olympic Champion, and she's been dominating the game for almost 20 years.

Bring it on, Sue!

We're playing horse? - [Sue] H-O-R-S.