Lincoln and Thanksgiving- The Origin of an American Holiday


感恩节(Thanksgiving Day)——西方传统节日,是美国人民独创的一个节日,也是美国人合家欢聚的节日,旨在感谢生命中遇到的一些人和事。那么感恩节的起源是什么呢?赶快来了解一下吧!

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In Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the autumn of 1621,53 men, women and children celebrated their first harvest in the New World.

The great Indian chief, Massasoit, brought 90 of his men to the three-day party.

From all reports, a good time was had by all.

How did this event, which happened almost 400 years ago, become a part of the American story and our oldest national tradition?

Credit goes to many people, but two stand out.

One you know, and one you should know: Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Josepha Hale.

More on both in a moment.

As a religious people, Americans have always had a keen sense they have been blessed by Providence.

The pilgrims certainly felt this, and so did subsequent generations, including George Washington.

Washington was the first president to declare a national day of public thanksgiving and praise.