Foundation Memories | Annual Letter 2020 | Melinda Gates



When I look at this photo, I think of what these women describe to me in their family lives about when they have access to modern contraceptives and when they don't.

They talk about the opportunities for their family.

We went bold, and we said, you know millions and millions of women should have access to these modern contraceptives.

And I think the way this family planning work has changed me is it's made me more certain of what I'm hearing from the women that I can now see in the data.

And where we haven't had data, where we're collecting data, I can actually see the patterns and trends, and I know we're on the right track.

The foundation's first offices were on the second floor of this old brick building, above Big Time Pizza.

We never could've imagined that we were going to go from small office over a pizza parlor to what we are doing now globally as a foundation, and the number of experts who we get to work with, who come through our doors.

We made our first large investment in the Children's Vaccine Program.

We knew that these were risky things.

We knew that we had so much to learn, and we knew there was invention that needed to happen, and so for all of those reasons, it felt incredibly hard and like we might fail, that we might take these risks and not succeed.