Address by Harvard President Larry Bacow | Harvard Commencement 2019


Thank you very much Margaret for that very generous introduction.

First let me say congratulations to our graduates.

Welcome back to our alumni.

Good afternoon to everyonecolleagues and friends; family members, loved ones, and our most special guest - our eminent speaker.

It's a pleasure to address you this afternoon and to offer a few reflections as I approach the end of my first year as president.

I realize, however, that I'm literally the last thing standing between you and the speech that you've all actually come to hear.

So, while I cannot promise to be mesmerizingly eloquent, I can at least promise to be mercifully brief.

We gather this afternoon buoyed by the aspirations of our graduatessome 7,100 people who have distinguished themselves in nearly every field and every discipline imaginable.

We welcome them into the venerable ranks of our alumni, and we send them forth into a world that is very much in need of both their minds and their hearts.

During my brief time in office, our world has reminded us daily of the necessity and the urgency of our work.