EU Commission president nominee Ursula von der Leyen gives speech



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Honourable Members, When I came to Strasbourg 13 days ago, I promised I'd come to listen.

I've heard your concerns, your hopes and your expectations.

The Political Guidelines which I sent to you today reflect our discussions.

From what I have heard, I've drawn my conclusions and I've made my decisions.

First, I want European citizens to play a leading and active part in building the future of our Union.

I want them to have their say at a Conference on the future of Europe to start in 2020 and to run for 2 years.

Second, I want us to work together to improve the Spitzenkandidaten system.

We need to make it more visible to a wider electorate and we need to address the issue of transnational lists at the European elections as a complementary tool of European democracy.

And thirdyes, I support a right of initiative for the European Parliament.

When this House, acting by majority of its Members, adopts Resolutions requesting the Commission to submit legislative proposals, I commit to responding with a legislative act in full respect of the proportionality, subsidiarity, and better law-making principles.