Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Woman Who Got Head Stuck in Tailpipe


"Curiosity killed the cat (好奇心害死猫)" 是西方一句非常有名的谚语。传说猫有九条命,怎么都不会死去,而最后恰恰是死于自己的好奇心,可见好奇心有时候是多么可怕啊。





I invited a young woman who got into a strange fix outside a music festival in Minnesota.

This is Kaitlin Strom.

You see her from behind there.

She was stuck for 45 minutes.

Firefighters had to cut her out with a saw.

Not surprisingly, police cited her for underage drinking.

Strom posted a picture of herself holding the tailpipe on Facebook.

And that tailpipe is now on display at a bar in Minnesota.

Look out, Florida, Minnesota's giving you a run for your money.

And now to answer all our questions.

Please welcome Kaitlin strom and the owner of the truck, too, Tom.

So you really -- you're in the town of Darwin, Minnesota, which seems beautifully ironic.

Or fitting, really. Not even ironic.

So Kaitlin, how is your head, first of all?

It's doing great. It healed beautifully.

Tell us how this happened, and more importantly, why this happened?

So I just went to the music festival to see Miranda Lambert.

That was the reason I'd gone.

I saw this big tailpipe and I wanted to see if my head could fit in it.

Is this something you do regularly?

Definitely not.

No, okay. You're curious by nature.

You wanted to see if your head would fit in the tailpipe.

Look and behold, it did fit in the tailpipe.

It did.

How long was it in the tailpipe?

My boyfriend and I estimated that it was like 45 minutes that I have been stuck 45 minutes.

So then. . .


Tom, you were where when this was first happening?

I think I was standing in front of the truck.

I didn't see her put her head in the pipe.

Someone came around and told me there was a girl with her head stuck in my tailpipe.

And this is a first for you too, right?

Yeah, it's a first for everything, yeah. You never know.

Did you ever consider revving the engine?

Like, to pop her out like Wiley Coyote or something?

You know I think somebody might have said that to be funny.

It got serious really quick.

And who actually did get you out of there, Kaitlin?

The fire department.

They're prepared for this sort of thing.


Did your friends try to get you out first?

Actually, my boyfriend had dunked hot, soapy water and corn syrup or vegetable oil on my head to get me out.

So why did your boyfriend bring vegetable oil to a Miranda Lambert concert?

He must really like Miranda Lambert.

Hey, did you get to see the concert?

I did not make it.

And the tailpipe is now on display? Is that correct?


Yeah, we have the tailpipe now on display in Darwin Minnesota.

We got it sitting right here. It's going to be featured in the bar.

Kaitlin, did you pay Tom for the damage?

No, as far as that, he's more just worried. . .

I wasn't worried, we'll get a new one.

In a way, Tom, it's your fault for having an irresistible tailpipe you know.

Yeah, something you never expect.

Kaitlin, what's the second-dumbest thing you've ever done, out of curiosity?

Famous for putting my head in a tailpipe.

Yeah, I don't know, when you have kids what are you going to say to them?

I'm not sure yet.

I'm glad you're okay.

Do you have any advice for young people who might find themselves with their heads stuck in a tailpipe?

Curiosity goes a long way but just don't do it.

Thank you Kaitlin and Tom, we appreciate it.