Stereophonics - Fly Like An Eagle


Stereophonics成立于1992年,是一支来自英国威尔士的摇滚乐队。主要成员是Kelly Jones,Richard Jones以及Javier Weyler。自从他们首张专辑在英国专辑榜上排名第6,之后的连续5张专辑都有排名第1的好成绩。

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Thinking about quitting, thinking it's time now

Thinking it's all over, quiet in my mind

Everybody's laughing, everybody's sure

Nothing seems likely, nothing's unknown

Did you ever feel like everythings falling

To fly like an eagle into the dawning

You know I always feel like the blinds are drawing

Fly like an eagle and deaths are reborn and

Hey hey, my my, everything's gonna be alright

Hey hey, my my, everything's gonna be just fine