Apple CEO Tim Cook keynote speech from Tulane University Commencement 2019


苹果 CEO 蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)近期受邀来到新奥尔良杜兰大学,为新一批毕业生发表毕业致辞。在演讲中,库克鼓励毕业生通过解决棘手的问题以及勇于试验解决方案,来建设一个更好的社会。他还特别提到,要关心气候变化问题,并鼓励毕业生要倾听别人的意见,而非贬低另一方,这样才能做出实际贡献。

Hello Tulane!

Thank you President Fitts, Provost Forman, distinguished faculty, other faculty, and the entire Tulane family, including the workers, ushers, volunteers who prepared this beautiful space.

And I feel duty-bound to also recognize the hard-working bartenders at The Boot.

Though they're not here with us this morning, I'm sure some of you are reflecting on their contributions as well.

And just as many of you have New Orleans in your veins, and perhaps your livers, some of us at Apple have New Orleans in our blood as well.

When I was a student at Auburn, the Big Easy was our favorite getaway.

It's amazing how quickly those 363 miles fly by when you're driving toward a weekend of beignets and beer.

And how slowly they go in the opposite direction.

Apple's own Lisa Jackson is a proud Tulane alum.