The Quiet Life of the King of the Mountain



There's really no difference between here and home.

It's just everything's compacted down to a 14 by 14 room.

Once you start staffing your lookout, you're gonna be working 10 days on, four days off, late June until usually mid-September.

It's a pretty quiet existence.

This is my 24th season as a Fire Lookout.

Really it's just you and the wind and the time just melts away.

My name is Leif Haugen, and we're at Thoma Lookout.

A fire lookout is a structure that sits on top of a mountain or ridge-top that has a good view of the surrounding country and the staffer, then, is tasked with living there for extended periods to watch for fire.

It's funny, cause I get a lot of questions about the standard day.

You wake up with the sun.