Lyme Disease is Spreading



Hiking has so many benefits.

It's healthy and fun, everyone's doing it on Instagram, and it's the perfect time to snap some aggressively enthusiastic nature pics for your Tinder profile.

But, before you rush into the woods with a selfie-stick or hang out in the fields you need to be aware of these little bastards.

Tickborne diseases are on the rise.

Cases of Lyme disease in particular have almost tripled in the last two decades in the US.

Why are there so many more ticks in the country?

Researchers point to climate change as one of the main reasons.

Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the US.

The bacteria typically lives in mice, birds, deer, and other animals that ticks like to feed on.

But it finds its way to humans when infected ticks casually latch on to them in wooded areas.