How To Read A Book A Week



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How do you read a book a week?

As cliche as it sounds, we all know that people who read, succeed.

I mean look at the numbers.

85% of millionaires read at least two books per month, while 25% of the entire American population hasn't even read a single book all of last year.

So what's the best way to actually get yourself to start reading, and at a good pace so that you can succeed too.

Well, you can basically guarantee that you'll read a book a week by taking advantage of three psychological tricks.

The first is something called implementation intention, basically setting an appointment.

See, the biggest problem when it comes to reading is actually getting started.

So many people buy books that they're interested in and say to themselves:"Oh I'll definitely read this"!

And guess what, the book just sits there on their shelf never to be touched again.