YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2018




Once again this year, we asked parents to tell their kids they ate all their candy.

This is our eighth year doing this.

Once again you really answered the call.

We got over 1,000 videos.

And now it's time to find out just how easy it is to take candy from babies in our 2018 youtube challenge

Hey, jimmy kimmel, I told my kids I ate their halloween candy.

Mommy and daddy ate all your halloween candy.

You could get sick.

We could get sick because we ate too much halloween candy.

Then you can't poop.

Oh, really?

Yeah, and then daddy can't poop.

Because we ate too much candy, we're going to have to poop?

All over the floor.

You think so?

Mommy and daddy got really hungry last night and we ate all your candy.

It's all gone.

But it's -- but it was in there!

We got really hungry, so mommy and daddy ate it all.


I ate all of your halloween candy last night.


I'm so disappointed at you.

What happened?


We're so sad!


I ate all your sweets when you were in the bath.

I ate all your candy.

Are you mad?

You're not mad I ate all your candy?

I'm not mad at all.

I wouldn't be mad at you because you're my mom.

You're too sweet.

I hate you, mommy!

Did you say you hate your mommy?

Yes, you ate all my candy.

No one's coming in!

Oh, Cameron.

Unless they have all my candy.

I ate all your halloween candy

I'm very disappointed in you, mommy.

I'm sorry. I love you.

I love you too, but I'm very disappointed.

You can still have M&Ms.

I ate all the M&Ms.

That's sad.

I wanted to eat the other star burst.

You wanted to eat the other starburst?

I know. I'm sorry.

You like Jimmy kimmel?



Jimmy kimmel told me to eat all your candy.

He's an idiot!

He's a freaking idiot!

Guess what, we have some broccoli in the fridge. Do you want broccoli?

I don't want that.

You want carrots?


Did you know I ate all your candy?


Yeah I did.

I forgive you, mommy.

You do?

I love you.

Oh thank you.

You still love me if I eat it all?


Oh I love you too.

I'm telling you candy is not that special.

Do you still love me?

Well, not anymore, because you ate all my candy.

Go to your room. Go to your room.


Because you ate my candy!

Now, go to your room!

Mommy's sorry she ate all your candy.

That's okay.

That's okay?

You're so sweet!

I can share with you.

You can?

We ate all of your halloween candy.

Oh no, this is fake. I know this.

Okay, but where's all your candy then?

You don't believe that I ate it?

Yeah, because you have showed us the videos. I know.

Wait. Jimmy kimmel?

Do you know how many years you think you're going to get away with this?

I don't know how.

Sorry, kids. I guess we'll find out.

And thank all the parents who participate in.