How Do E-Athletes Compare To Real Athletes?



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With competitive gaming on the rise and millions in prize money up for grabs around the world, what's the real difference between regular athletes and e-Athletes?

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we're taking a look at the training, competitions, and lifestyle of E-athletes and regular athletes to see just how similar or not the two are.

Training is a major part of any competitive endeavor- while you can be blessed with natural talent, that talent must be honed to perfection and your body and mind prepared for maximum efficiency.

Regular athletes are no strangers to tough and intense training regimens.

NFL players typically spend 45 minutes to an hour with weightlifting, another hour in aerobic exercise, and then three and a half to four hours of actual practice on the field during the off season.

As a new season approaches, the time spent physically practicing on the field is cut dramatically in order to reduce the risk of injury during practice, but players still spend hours going over no-contact drills and pouring over video tape of their past games to study flaws in their technique, or tapes of their opponent's games to study flaws in their opponent's technique.

NBA players follow a similar training schedule, with one and a half to up to three hours of court practice followed by an hour and a half to two hours of physical exercise.

On average, an NBA or NFL player will train for about 6-8 hours a day, 4-5 days a week.

How does this compare to e-athletes?

Robert Morris University Illinois was the first university to create a varsity eSport's team in America.