Justin Bieber - Anyone


Justin Bieber 2021年全新专辑JB6的首支先行单曲《Anyone》发行。《Anyone》是一首特别的、充满希望的歌曲,Justin Bieber也借此新单曲与大家一起告别多灾多难的2020年,迎接更为光明和充满可能性的2021年。该歌曲由知名音乐人Andrew Watt联合创作并制作,Justin Bieber在刚刚结束的跨年直播演唱会上也奉献了该歌的首秀。

Dance with me under the diamonds

See me like breath in the cold

Sleep with me here? in? the silence

Come kiss me, silver and gold

You say that I won't lose you

But you can't predict the future

So just hold on like you will never let go

Yeah, if you ever move on without me

I need to make sure you know

That you are the only one I'll ever love