Immortality. In movies, kings are always searching for the secret to immortality.

But is immortality really a good thing? To a ten-year-old boy, one year is the same as 10% of his life.

To his forty-year-old mother, one year is merely 2.5% of her life. The same year, 365 days,

can feel differently to different people. If we live until we're 82,

that's about 30,000 days. If this boy lives for 30,000 years, a year to him could feel like a day.

And if this boy's emotions sustain through the potential boredom of living for millions of years,

he might become extremely lonely and sad, knowing he has and always will outlive everyone he has ever loved.

But what if everyone were immortal? Well, first off, Earth is only so big.

So, where would we all live? (Grunts)

" Excuse me! " " That's my face! " " Stop it! " " Pardon me."