The Secret to Understanding Native English Speakers



Welcome to this English lesson where I'm going to talk about the reason why you can't understand native speakers.

You see, I get emails about this all the time.

People tell me, "I have a conversation with someone, and I don't understand anything they say," or "I watched this movie, and I can't understand a single word".

And this is a common problem, and I'm going to give you three reasons why, this is a problem for you too.

I'll go over the first two problems very quickly, because they're quite obvious.

And the first one is a lack of vocabulary.

So, if you don't understand what a word means, then if somebody uses this word in conversation, then it's difficult for you to understand what they're saying.

And obviously the more words that we understand, the better we can understand people when they speak.

So lack of vocabulary is number one.

Number two is not understanding grammatical terms.