10 Things Trevor Noah Can't Live Without


每日秀”主持人崔佛 · 诺亚(Trevor Noah)受GQ杂志邀请,公布了他日常生活中离不开的10件物品,一起看看都有哪些吧!

- So this is one of my essential items.

I carry this around because I found this on a movie set one day and it's really cool, because whenever you wanna like end a conversation with someone you just go .

You know or I'll be like let's start the conversation about how you owe me money.

And action.

Hey, what's up everybody, I'm Trevor Noah, comedian and host of "The Daily Show" and these are my essentials.

First item my electric toothbrush.

I know it doesn't seem like an essential thing, but this is my real toothbrush, this is my road dog.

See those scars?

Look at that.

Those are battle scars.