NYU President Andrew Hamilton's 2021 Commencement Speech


纽约大学(New York University),简称NYU,建立于1831年,由时任美国财政部长艾伯特·加勒廷创建,是一所位于美国纽约市的世界顶尖私立研究型大学,全美办学规模最大的私立名校之一,同时在伦敦、马德里、悉尼、柏林、巴黎等地共设立11个全球学术中心。纽约大学校长Andrew Hamilton 2021届毕业典礼致辞,虽然每年的毕业演讲主题不一样,但是“祝贺毕业”这句话是必不可少的,用一句“恭喜”来点缀毕业生们每一个人的荣耀经历。

Please welcome the President of New York University, Andrew Hamilton.

Hello graduates.

Every year I choose a different theme to address the graduating class at commencement.

But while the topic varies, the last word of the speeches is typically the same.


After all, every NYU class deserves to be recognized for their accomplishments and sent off into the world with our best wishes.

But now a spoiler alert.

Today's speech will also end with the word congratulations but its meaning to me is very different this year.

Class of 2021, one of the most consequential years of your lives, the year in which you complete your undergraduate or graduate degree.

That year coincided with one of the most consequential years in modern history.