4 signs of emotional abuse


Emotional abuse can be incredibly damaging, increasing a persons chances of developing depression and anxiety

sometimes for decades after the fact. Broadly speaking, emotional abuse involves one person controlling another

by undermining their sense of self-worth and personal agency. But emotionally abusive behaviors can be subtle and difficult to spot,

both from within and outside the abusive relationship. Thats partly because emotional abuse often exploits

or creates power imbalances between individuals, especially in relationships where safety, care, and trust

are supposed to be guaranteed, like the relationship between a caregiver and a child,

healthcare provider and patient, teacher and student, or intimate partners. Its especially insidious because it often makes people doubt

their perceptions of their own mistreatment. So lets walk through some of the most common signs of emotional abuse,

to make these behaviors and patterns easier to spot in real life. First, the content of someones words:

criticism thats out of proportion to a situation, excessively harsh or personal, or makes sweeping generalizations