Triad Origins: The Tiandihui (Heaven and Earth Society) | Chinese History


While on the set of transformers 4 in Hong Kong, a small group of gangsters attempted to extort money from director Michael Bay.

When he refused to pay, one member tried to hit him in the head with an air conditioner.

The media were quick to say this was the work of Hong Kong triads, but these were merely street level thugs.

The real triads are a series of independent crime syndicates that have become some of the most powerful and feared criminal empires in the modern world.

Conflicting sources and a lack of historical documentation have meant that the Triads true origin are a widely debated subject, but most agree that they began with the Qing Dynasty's Tiandi Hui, the Heaven and Earth Society.

There are two accounts of where they came from, one mythological and one pieced together from what information is available.

Today let's look at the origins of the Triads!

The mythological origins of the Tiandi hui comes from a fictional tale called the Xi Lu legend.

The story begins during the Kangxi Period of the Qing Dynasty when the country was being invaded by Xi Lu barbarians a group of 128 Shaolin Monks come to the aid of the emperor.

The small number of Monks easily defeated the barbarian army with their Kung-Fu skills the Emperor wished to reward the monks for their victory but they refused returned to their temple.