Everything You Need to Know During a Flash Flood




Flash floods can strike with almost no warning.

Heavy rains can escalate quickly and turn a light drizzle into a raging river.

From Lifehacker, this is the Disaster Manual.

First, here's how to know if a flood is coming your way.

You might receive an alert from the National Weather Service.

If a Flood Watch has been issued, that means flash flooding is possible in your area.

A Flood Warning means that floods are already occurring and you should be prepared to evacuate.

As soon as you receive word of a flash flood, make your way to higher ground, which is any ground or structure that's higher in elevation than other ground.

Water is always going to flow down so hilltops, upper levels of buildings, and other elevated areas are less likely to be affected by flood waters.

If you see flood waters, head in the opposite direction.