Highlights of CES 2020 – Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR


2020年CES(国际消费类电子产品展览会)于1月7日(美国时间)在拉斯维加斯拉开帷幕,在本届CES展上,奔驰正式发布了Vision AVTR概念车,这款概念车以科幻电影《阿凡达》为灵感,同时它也是奔驰“2039”愿景战略的缩影,体现了奔驰在可持续出行、保护环境、人和机器以及自然和谐共处等方面的美好愿景。

Welcome to Mercedes-Benz at the 2020 CES!

The technology is of course the substance and the core for a future vehicle like this, but the beauty, the aesthetics, is just as important.

The Avatar film is focused on the ideas of sustainability and our connection to nature as human beings and how we have to defend that.

I'm a finance guy by training, actually.

So I know that resources are always limited, including those of our planet.

To preserve nature many things need to change and we are determined at Mercedes to take responsibility.

The more we learned about what each other were trying to do, the more it seemed like a natural fit.

It's all about authenticity.

And the team that Jim has at Lightstorm has been about pushing technology, you know, not taking no for an answer.

We get that next frontier and create an experience that is second to none.