Eating In Space: An Astronaut's Life



Eating in space is incredible because you can play with your food.

You can float your food away from you and fly into it and go get it, or you can have someone throw food to you.

I played with my food every chance that I got.

We would just open up a bag of Raisinets and let them float in front of our faces and we would. . .

And then water bubbles and M&M's and make a very cool science experiment, where you're throwing M&M's and there's a water bubble and they migrate around the top of the water bubble.

Liquids in space is a lot of fun because you make this water bubble grow and grow and grow.

You detach the straw from it and then you float over and you (slurps) suck the water bubble.

So the museum gift shop freeze-dried ice cream is not something that we have in space.

We have these different types of thermally stabilized and irradiated food so that the food can last for a long time in space.

Because if you take fresh food up there, it will start to get stale in space or start to mildew or mold.