How to answer "What is Your Greatest Strength?"


最强面试战斗机都有哪些宝藏特质?如何完美作答高频问题“你的优点是什么” ?面试官送命题,这么拆招才能为自己超强助攻!结合岗位介绍,三点法论述招牌优势。让公司主动意识雇佣你的巨大价值!

>> Boss: What is your greatest strength?

>> First interviewee: My greatest strength is my eyesight.

I have 20/16 vision, I have eyes like a hawk.

>> Narrator: Well, that might be a great strength, but unless you are interviewing for a job as a professional referee, employers might not feel the same way.

When answering the question, what is your greatest strength, try to find a skill or core value that you feel you have that matches up with the job description or from the research you have done on the company.

You might not know what your greatest professional strength is, so go over the job description and look at each responsibility for the job.

Do you have a trait or skill that makes you a strong candidate?

>> Narrator: Let's use an example.

This candidate is applying for a job in Accounts Receivable for ABC Co.

In her preparation for the interview she notices "Data Entry" as one of the main job responsibilities.