Does overcharging hurt your phone?


近日,话题#手机充电一夜不拔对电池有坏处吗 ?#引热议,答案是肯定的,只是影响程度的大小而已。据国内外权威教授的说法显示,“手机充到100%,电池确实会发生某些反应,但不会对电池造成实质性损坏。如果想要更好地保护电池的话,那就建议电量在30-80%循环,最多充到90%就拔掉,这是延长电池寿命最好的方式。”

- You've probably heard people say that you shouldn't leave your phone plugged in overnight.

Doing so depreciates your battery life and makes it age faster.

You're killing your battery!

I always charge my phone overnight, and I always let it reach a full 100% charge.

Am I really killing my battery? Am I a murderer?

I can't live with this guilt, so I called up some battery experts to find the truth.

Daniel Steingart, Associate Professor at Princeton University told me that, actually: - The easiest thing to do is just keep it plugged in all the time or as much as you can.

Did you hear that?

I'll say it again,"as much as you can".

The way he sees is it is that we all need our phones ready and charged, so we might as well keep them fully charged forever.