OpenAI发布GPT-4 Introducing GPT-4



GPT-4 takes what you prompt it with and just runs with it.

From one perspective, it's a tool, a thing you can use to get useful tasks done in language.

From another perspective, it's a system that can make dreams, thoughts, ideas, flourish in text in front of you.

GPT-4 is incredibly advanced and sophisticated.

It can take in and generate up to 25,000 words of text, around eight times more than ChatGPT.

It understands images and can express logical ideas about them.

For example, it can tell us that if the strings in this image were cut, the balloons would fly away.

This is the place where you just get turbocharged by these AIs.

They're not perfect.

They make mistakes, and so you really need to make sure that you know the work is being done to your level of expectation.