Triad King of Shanghai - Du Yuesheng | China History


In the last video we explored the originators of the Triads, the tiandihui.

Today, we are taking a step back into the early 20th Century to look at the man who became the definition of what a modern Triad leaders strive to be.

Introducing the Chinese Al Capone of Shanghai, Du YueSheng!

Before Du YueSheng's rise to power within the green gang triad, the group was originally started by out of work boatmen in Tianjin and Shanghai.

Their knowledge of China's major river ways and shipping routes meant that they became deeply involved in the smuggling game.

Early modern Shanghai with a complex international jurisdiction, shipping ports as well as a close proximity to Hong Kong created the ideal hub for smuggling and the opium trade.

As a result, Shanghai became home for the green gang and many other Triad organisations.

The story of Du Yuesheng, the man who would one day become the King pin of Shanghai, starts in the slums of Pudong.

Du was born in 1888, and as a teenager travelled into Shanghai proper to begin working as an errand boy for a fruit a vendor.

His love of opium and willingness to break the law led him to Join the Shanghai Green gang in the early 1910's.