Why I Play – Animal Crossing: New Horizons


近日最火爆的Switch游戏莫过于这款了!《集合啦!动物森友会》(Animal Crossing: New Horizons)是任天堂《动物之森》系列的最新作品。温馨的沙滩岛屿,和蔼的动物居民和治愈心灵的悠扬小调,这一系列游戏总给带给玩家独有的温暖之意。来看看外国玩家们怎么评价《动森》吧~

I've been playing Animal Crossing for 14 years, and now I'm really excited for New Horizons.

It's one of the games where I could go home, and completely immerse myself, just by like, hanging out with some villagers, collecting some furniture.

I would say Animal Crossing for me, uh, has helped me feel a little bit less lonely, uh, by obviously playing with friends.

But connecting with villagers that have all these different kinds of personalities, um, that I feel are relatable.

Animal Crossing is an amazing game.

It's a game that you can always just come back to daily and just have a bunch of fun.

The chance to, have your own place and watch it grow.

I find it like a zen garden where you can pick it up, and sort of mold the world to, sort of a calming atmosphere for yourself.

My partner and I will definitely be spending time like after work just, building a town together.

Making little progress.